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What Our Fantastic Candidates Say!

My stepping stone to success began in 2012 where I was fortunate to be a successful candidate to receive financial assistance from the “Sedisa Trust“ to further my tertiary education at the Durban University of Technology in the faculty of Chemical Engineering.
I come from a family of four with me being the youngest sibling. Ever since I started my academic career, I always reached for the stars and being the dedicated, self-motivated and hard working person that I am, I always achieved the goals that I have set out for myself. In my matric year I was intrigued by the engineering field and knowing of the tough requirements to enter the world of engineering I pushed myself to limits and achieved five distinctions in the National Senior Certificate Examinations (NSC). This was an extremely proud moment for me and my family. Success is what drives me and at this moment I knew a bright future was ahead. I received and acceptance letter to further my studies in chemical engineering and this was surely the most exciting moment of my life as I could pursue a career to my liking and abilities, however at this time my family was going through financial difficulty making it almost impossible for me to study. This is where the ‘Sedisa Trust’ came to my rescue and funded my studies in full. It was now my time to shine and I continued to work towards my lifelong goal of being a chemical engineer. Those four years of my academic career was incredible as the bursary turned over a new leaf and allowed me to be stress free and focus on my career. I completed my degree in Chemical Engineering with a Cum Laude Pass and was awarded the ‘Top Student Award’ for Chemical Technology-Heat and Mass IV, Inorganic Chemistry II and Chemical Technology-Fluid Flow IV.
I thank the ‘Sedisa Trust’ dearly for giving me the opportunity to make my goals a reality. This opportunity surely developed me into a young individual who will take on any challenge be it personal or in the working environment. I have developed many skills along the way and I still nature these skills till today. I know my education will make me prosper as an individual in all aspects and I thank ‘Sedisa Trust’ once again for being my foundation.

Senrisha Sookoo

I am a Mechanical Engineering B-tech student at UNISA, I am the first born I was born and raised in Limpopo. When I first enrolled for my National diploma in mechanical engineering at Vaal University of Technology both my parents were and are still unemployed, I passed my matric very well with a Mathematics distinction but I was unable to secure a bursary during my first year. My grandparents helped with my first semester tuition fees and books, and then from there on I took a loan. I applied for Sedisa Trust Fund Bursary with it being my last hope during my last year of varsity in 2012, the turnaround time was unbelievable it was superfast, the response was within a few weeks and just like that my life was changed for ever. They paid for my tuition, accommodation and food, and my focus for the first time was to focus on passing my modules, I graduated in 2014 after my in-service training.
Today I am working as a technician for a transport refrigeration company and I am able to fund my b-tech and still provide for my family, I am so thankful to Sedisa that they came through for me when I really needed a miracle to finish my diploma, Today I can slowly see my dream of owning my own company slowly closing in.

Mashudu Tshikathi

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